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New Patients

New Patients: What to expect at your first appointment

Finding a new dentist is often an apprehensive experience for people. We also understand that the first dental visit can be full of anxiety for some patients. Therefore, we always endeavor to provide our visitors the most relaxed and calming environment. Whether you are visiting our dental office at Dover Delaware for the first time or you are our regular patient, you will be delivered the same pleasurable and positive experience, so you can stay as comfortable as possible.

Here you will find some information about becoming a new patient and what to expect at your first visit. We hope this information will help ease your anxiety, and we look forward to solving your dental problems soon.

What to expect at your first appointment?

Your first visit will consist of a dental consultation explaining the details of your diagnosis and treatment options. In the case of a dental emergency, our emergency dentist can start the treatment the same day. However, the complexity of your dental and medical history or treatment plan may require a further assessment and a follow-up appointment to provide proper treatment.

Process we follow

We follow a simple, convenient and straightforward process to review the dental concerns of our new patients.

1)      Contact us at 302-734-7634 or use our online appointment request form to schedule an appointment with us. From the moment you book an appointment, we are committed to making your visit and treatment a pleasurable experience. To achieve this, we have created a modern dental office at Dover Delaware that employ the world’s best dental technology, equipment, and infrastructure.

 2)      As you arrive at our dental office, one of our front desk staff members will ask you to fill out our new patient forms. This will help us know a little bit about you. You can also download and print patients form from our website beforehand to save your time. It’s a simple form that asks for your basic information – your name, contact details and past medical or dental history. Knowing this information helps us to custom tailor your experience.

 3)      After your paperwork is completed, we will review your dental insurance, if any. You will also be acquainted with our office policies.

 4)      Once we are done with the administrative formalities, one of our friendly hygienists will meet with you to review your form and discuss your dental concerns. At this point, your entire dental and medical history is discussed to understand your past and present concern. Topics your dentist may discuss with you might include: 

·         Oral hygiene practices

·         Cavity prevention measures

·         Fluoride needs

·         Your oral habits

·         Diet and nutrition

 5)      The dentists will then perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth, gums, jaw bones, and soft tissue. Digital radiographs are preferred because they put you at less exposure to radiations and are much faster, convenient and comfortable.  Your first visit will likely include:·         Dental x-rays

·         Dental cavities screening

·         Periodontal screening  to identify gum disease

·         Cosmetic evaluation

6)      After all the important information has been obtained, the dentist will document your dental history and the health of your gums. Your entire information is held in a secure, encrypted digitized record. Our staff members keep your entire information safe and private. 

7)      After the examination, your dentist will explain areas of concern, if any, and recommend possible treatment options. A written estimate and treatment plan tailored to your unique dental requirements will then be given for your consideration. If necessary, further appointments can be arranged at your convenience. 

8)      Our standard procedure is to provide preventive treatment to all new patients after assessing their current oral health. We also plan general and restorative treatment for our patients customized to their oral health. As discussed before, your treatment may start either the same day or during the next visit. So your patience would be appreciated. 

9)      In most cases, the dental problems of the majority of new patients can be solved by following preventive measures such as cleaning. However, a routine dental cleaning is not enough sometimes, so in those situations we will discuss several options with you that best fit your case. 

10)   In case you have visited our dental office at Dover Delaware for a dental emergency, we will resolve the current problem first before moving on to preventive dental care measures. Patients requesting emergency treatment can call us to schedule a same-day appointment. Although a comprehensive examination may not be possible in that case, our emergency dentist will try our level best to evaluate and treat your dental concern.

In all the cases, whether it’s cleaning, dental emergency or restorative treatment, our expert dental hygienists review your past dental history and assess your current condition to suggest you the most optimum and hassle-free treatment.

What to bring at the time of your first consultation?

Please help us by giving the below information during your first appointment:

·         X-rays taken by a previous dentist, if any.

·         Any other medical history.

·         A complete list of medications you are currently taking.

·    If you are insured, bring all the necessary dental insurance forms. This will enable us to discuss your coverage and give you an estimate of your costs.

Payment & Insurance Information

You may pay for our services with any of the payment methods including cash, check, Master Card, or Visa.

If you are insured, bring the insurance information to every appointment to understand your benefits and coverage. Since dental insurance plans are unique to each patient, benefits endowed to different patients are also different. However, we work closely with your insurance provider to maximize your reimbursement. We also strive to optimize the use of other benefits from your company. This means that your insurance company will disburse payment directly to our office and you'll be responsible only for your deductible and the uncovered portion of your dental treatment at the time of your visit. Be sure that your insurance information is up to date to avoid any discrepancy. This will help us work efficiently.

A Few Gentle Reminders

·         Please arrive 10-15 minutes early at the office to fill out remaining patient forms and complete other administrative formalities.

 ·   Based on your oral health condition, cleaning may be performed by your hygienist at your first visit or might be scheduled for a second visit. However, best efforts are made by our hygienist to complete your cleaning the same day.

 ·         A new patient visit in our office usually takes 60 minutes or less and is very comfortable.

 ·         Based on your initial examination and results, your dentist will let you know when to make the next visit. Remember the follow-up appointment date and time to prevent the worsening of your dental problem.

We believe that good dental care begins with good communication. We promise to speak openly with your past dental history and present symptoms that may require further diagnosis, recommendations, and treatment. Working this way, we can achieve a strong partnership, with one common goal to keep your teeth healthy and smile beautiful.So call us today and schedule an appointment with us!



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The staff at American Dental are wonderful, friendly and helpful! The atmosphere is very inviting, and you can tell everyone enjoys working there.

Marie Grove

Always running on time and get the job done quickly and done correct the first time! Very clean and organized faculty! Makes going to the dentist enjoyable!

Amy Crabtree

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The staff at American Dental are wonderful, friendly and helpful! The atmosphere is very inviting, and you can tell everyone enjoys working there.

Marie Grove

Always running on time and get the job done quickly and done correct the first time! Very clean and organized faculty! Makes going to the dentist enjoyable!

Amy Crabtree

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